Quick Fix Career Sessions.

Navigating a career dilemma is all part of working lives and having objective advice at the right time can be invaluable. 

Timely. Experienced. Independent.

During everyone’s career we will face situations and dilemmas when we are uncertain of what to do next. Support from an independent and experienced career professional can make the different between a clear path ahead or a lingering feeling of uncertainty.

Some of the situations where our clients have benefited from quick fix sessions:

  • A challenging conversation with a manager or colleague
  • Deciding on which study courses to consider
  • Confirm how to approach your network
  • Reviewing a job application prior to submission
  • Negotiating a job offer

Our coaches work with you to unpack the elements to discuss and use a mix of coaching and professional advice to support your decision making.

Locations & Fees.

There are a range of ways that can support you depending on where you are located and what your preferences are.

In person sessions: are currently available in Sydney and Melbourne.
Videoconference sessions: are available Australia wide.

Sessions are $295 (incl GST) per 1 hour session.

All resources that may be offered are included in the per session fee.

  • For me, the process of review of my current skills and the discussion about the best suited roles have been very worthwhile and much appreciated. Also appreciated the goal setting and deadlines.

    FSNot For Profit
  • FS

    I am completely amazed by your knowledge of industries and what paths to take to break into something new. I don’t know how you build up that kind of insider information, but it is a great resource to be able to access.

    PNGraphic Designer

Want to know if Carve is the right approach for you?

Before committing to anything, we offer an initial 30 min phone conversation, at no obligation, to understand more about your situation and explain how the program can be tailored for you