Job Search & Career Transition.

Whether you are currently on the job market because you’re making a proactive decision or the you’ve been impacted by decisions outside of your control, searching for a new job can be daunting and uncertain. 

Common concerns we hear from clients

  • I’ve been in my job for so long I don’t know where to start.

  • I don’t know if my resume and LinkedIn are right.

  • I’ve been applying for jobs but not getting any response.

  • I don't want to get rejected just because my application wasn't right.

  • Transition Search – Chances Success

    Increase your chances of success

    If you’re not presenting your skills and experience as well as you could, or not tailoring your applications, it can create a demoralising experience. But you can increase your chance of success in these 7 steps:

    1. Understand your strengths, skills and experience
    2. Identifying the value you can bring to an organisation
    3. Be able to articulate those two things clearly
    4. Identify which roles to apply
    5. Create a resume and LinkedIn profile that’s tailored to your market
    6. Be strategic to open up the hidden job market 
    7. Build your confidence and skills for job interviews

Opportunities are more likely to come with a clear plan and deliberate action.  Being clear on where you’re going and what you bring will get you there faster. 

Services & Process.

One of our qualified career coach’s will guide you through a proven program, supported by resources based on twenty years of experience. Your coach will work one to one with you, either in person or via videoconference, with sessions at agreed intervals. Depending on your circumstances, your program can be customised to include some or all of the following elements.

  • Identifying your strengths, skills and experience

    Your value to any employer is the sum of all your experiences, aptitudes and strengths. Know and highlight them.

  • Identifying your target industry and employers

    Clearly identifying your preferred industries and employers gives you a chance to better target your approach.

  • Designing your job search strategy

    Searching for a new job is more successful when done using a focused plan, rather than a scatter-gun approach.

  • Telling your career story

    Being confident and clear about your career next step, makes it easy for people you meet to guide your next move.

  • Developing your BBQ pitch

    Whether in a social or professional situation, being able to answer the question “what do you do?” is vital.

  • Resume and LinkedIn review

    A professional resume and LinkedIn profile is the best way to get you in front of employers.

  • Accessing your network

    Learn how to identify your existing network and access them to help your next move.

  • Interview preparation

    Tips, guidance and role-playing the things that will have you stand out in the interview.

Locations & Fees.

There are a range of ways that can support you depending on where you are located and what your preferences are.

In person sessions: are currently available in Sydney and Melbourne.
Videoconference sessions: are available Australia wide.

Typically we recommend 3 – 4 sessions to cover all elements of a successful career transition, although programs can be tailored to your needs.

Sessions are $295 (incl GST) per 1 hour session.

All assessments and resources included in the session fee.

  • This program helped me to clarify my career pathway. It gave me confidence to take some risks, to see that small changes are worthwhile too and to be more of myself amongst my peers and supervisors.

  • NW

    This program offered me some valuable and unique insights into my career transition. Andrea’s specialised knowledge, in addition to the aptitude testing and reports, helped me understanding what motivates me and what makes me happy in my work.

    SMHealth Professional

Want to know if Carve is the right approach for you?

Before committing to anything, we offer an initial 30 min phone conversation, at no obligation, to understand more about your situation and explain how the program can be tailored for you