Building a fulfilling and long career is within your reach.

Having clarity, confidence and a practical strategy can be the difference between surviving and thriving.

How we can help.

The Carve Careers program is designed for people wanting to make a career change or better navigate their current career. The primary focus of the program is to provide clients with hands-on support to explore possibilities, identify potential career paths and design their next career phase. We help individuals realise their career goals.

Through our customised programs, you will build clarity, confidence and learn how to articulate your value to your next employer.

  • Career

    Career Change

    When we’re busy working and living, it’s difficult to see what other possibilities may be available. Whether you’re looking to leverage your current experience or redesign your career with a blank canvas, our tailored assessments and decades of industry insights helps you consider all the possibilities.

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  • Career

    Career Development

    Building a productive and fulfilling career is the cornerstone to a long and healthy life. Developing our careers and adapting to market changes and lifestyle needs is part of our human experience. Whether you’re feeling stuck, or just unsure which path is the right one, our career development coaching can help you gain clarity and confidence to navigate your career successfully.

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  • Career

    Transition / Job Search

    The reality of looking for a new job can feel daunting. Whether you are being proactive towards your next step or it’s due to decisions outside of your control, we can help you understanding how to navigate the process, build you confidence and maximise your opportunities across advertised positions and the hidden job market.

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  • Writing

    Resume, Cover Letters & LinkedIn

    Every step of the job application process has unwritten rules. If you are uncertain how to pitch your value or are simply time poor, our qualified resume writers will work with you personally to create your tailored and unique resume, LinkedIn or cover letter.

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  • Career

    Quick Fix or One-Off Sessions

    Having objective advice at the right time when navigating a career dilemma can prove invaluable. Sometimes you just need a one-off session to get you headed in the right direction.

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  • job search

    Job Search Program

    Stay tuned for a new self-guided job search program. If you are interested in being part of our beta-testing group, drop us a message.

What Others Say

  • I wanted to thank you for your invaluable advice and assistance. I have much more confidence in my future direction and working towards what I am passionate about. I am very grateful for your time and advice!

  • JR

    The last 12-18 months working with Andrea has provided me with clarity of what career path I am on and where I want to be. Being able to tap into unbiased, strategic thinking has helped me enormously in navigating challenging components in my current role.

    JYSenior Manager
  • JY

    This program offered me some valuable and unique insights into my career transition. Andrea’s specialised knowledge, in addition to the aptitude testing and reports, helped me understanding what motivates me and what makes me happy in my work.

    SMHealth Professional

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Articles and resources that will give some insights on your career development journey or job search. Find more on the Articles page.

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