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Carve Consulting is a boutique people and career development consultancy that works with both organisations and individuals to develop long, fulfilling careers and productive work environments.

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    We spend more than a third of our lives at work – so we are here to help make that as fulfilling as possible. Whether looking for change or identifying your next career step, we support you with professional coaching to design your career, formulate a plan and practical strategies to take the next step.  Our focus is on helping you create a sustainable career across every stage and every age.

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    Organisations are only as successful and productive as the sum of its parts. Our focus is to partner with you to create your organisational culture through developing leadership, mindset and emotional intelligence of your people. We support you to improve the effectiveness of leaders or emerging leaders, the collaboration of teams, or help individuals succeed in their career.

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  • I was stuck in a rut. After 25 years my career had plateaued and I'd lost my purpose. The sessions helped me tap back into my mojo and recaptured the passion I'd had for work years ago. Since then my career has taken flight again and I've found C-level opportunities aligned to who I am and what I want from my work life. I will be forever grateful and cannot recommend the team at Carve highly enough.

    SCSenior Manager
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    This program offered me some valuable and unique insights into my career transition. Andrea’s specialised knowledge, in addition to the aptitude testing and reports, helped me understanding what motivates me and what makes me happy in my work.

    SMHealth Professional

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