Team Effectiveness.

An effective team is underpinned by a culture of trust.
Without trust, all the best intentions, training and processes are doomed to fail. 

When dysfunction exists, it is often due to a a lack of psychological safety stemming from leadership culture, historical experiences, poor work practices, unresolved personal dynamics or individuals feeling disengaged.

To understand how a team functions, you first need to understand the capability and experiences of the individuals, team dynamic and the environment in which they operate.  Only then can a team develop self awareness, shared accountability and co-design work practices that support organisational objectives. 

Team effectiveness is built on a 4-part framework of understanding, capability and communication.

Know where you’re at and where to start

Understanding where your team is at informs the program design to maximise engagement with the team.

Co-design how the team works

Co-designing how a team wants to work allows greater ownership and understanding of team dynamics.

Build your leadership capability

Developing the team leadership provides the foundation and conditions to build a productive and healthy culture.

Agree your team charter and rituals

Shared agreement and rituals creates a multiplier effect by embedding new practices and self review.

How we can help.

As each organisation is unique, we partner with you to truly understand culture, team dynamics and opportunity for change to build capability and create a thriving workplace. 

  • Collaboration

    Facilitated Development

    As each organisation and team is unique, we don’t provide out of the box, quick fix solutions. We partner with your organisation and leaders to understand the history, challenges and desired outcomes before designing a customised program. Programs may include: 

    • group facilitated workshops to build awareness, co-design outcomes and work practices to enhance collaboration
    • individual coaching 
    • programs may be supported by insights from culture survey’s, 360 assessments, or self evaluation tools.
  • Resilience

    Workplace Mental Wellbeing

    Life and work throws challenges at us at different times. We provide a boutique mental health support service, delivered by our qualified counsellors and psychologists.

    Whether your organisation is looking for an affordable confidential EAP or offering specialist support to address a challenging issue, we offer a tailored, responsive and flexible approach.

Ready to take the next step?

If you’d like more details on how we can help build team effectiveness through trust, communication and work practices, please get in touch.

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